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Since the foundation in 1976 until today, OSTRAND Co., Ltd. endeavored for the solution of Local environmental problem in the municipality as a consultant for waste disposal and recycle.
However, in the 21st century, the earth (Global) environmental problem: waste disposal problem followed by the energy production and consumption have grown serious issues and under the circumstances, we have shifted the core of the development to the CO2 reduction technology:. This time, as high efficiency gasification plant (The name: CR-POWER) and pyrolysis gasification kiln (The name: Hybrid kiln) have been put into phase for commercialization finally, we, as a plant engineering company and also equipment maker will make further effort as much as we can for the solution of the earth environmental problem. The website URL and contact address are as follows.


website : https://www.cr-power.jp/eng/

email : hatta@cr-power.jp
mobile : 090-3226-8503

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